Thursday, February 9, 2012

Character Traits

Kyler has a list of nine character traits with sentences to memorize and recite with his class for his Coop Kindergarten graduation.  One more reason I love homeschooling while attending Coop once a week... teaching character traits backed up with bible verses is top priority to us.  This week we started doing activities with the traits to help them "stick" for the graduation ceremony.  (All the printables pictured below are available to print at the end of this post for you other Coop mommies looking for some ways to help your little one get the words and definitions down as well!)
Coloring and handwriting
Cutting sentence strips
Sequencing sentences
Gluing in order
Character trait book
Drawing pictures to help with meaning (plus we put actions to the words)
Cloze/Fill in the blank for extra practice
Puzzle sort

Character sentence sort
Match up
Character Bingo
Memory game
Stick sort
Close Pin sort 
Keeping it all organized in a tub!

I also keep the character list in my car and we sing the phrases together as we drive around town!  We been reading tons of character based stories, too. In the download, there's also a color coded worksheet and game cards you could use a number of ways!  I plan on adding more activities as we go.  To download the documents in Google Docs, click HERE.  If that doesn't work for you, shoot me an email at mfunky7@hotmail(dot)com and I'd be glad to attach them in an email  back to you!  Enjoy!

Have you come up with any ideas on how to help your child memorize the character traits?  

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