Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thanksgiving Timeline, Lapbook, and Preschool

Here are few things we've been doing during school to prepare for Thanksgiving this week:
After a week of putting together several activities in a Thanksgiving lapbook, Ky watched a clip I found online to put it all together and see everything in action.
Immediately after, I just let him free draw anything from clip.  Look at how cute Squanto is with his bow and arrow! :)
Then we made a time line together, including brain pictures and words.
While Ky did some other stations I had planned, I made up some timeline cards for practice.
First he put the pictures in order using the timeline, 
then he put just the pictures in order.
Next he put the words in order using the timeline and
last he put the words in sequential order!
Here are several pages from his lap book.  He made a flag with 13 stars and colored the 13 colonies on a map.
We worked on syllables and spelling.  I used a piece of clear packaging tape on the folder for Ky to practice his words.
On these pages Ky worked on greater than or less than for math and words that do and do not start with the letter "p."
On the back of the folder is a poem Kyler has been working on reading aloud so he can read it the family on Thanksgiving. The cover page has his thankful turkey.
Here's a Thanksgiving rebus story we read together with a comprehension test behind a page protector.  I haven't done many written comprehension test with him and he did awesome.  He was so proud of his A+!
These lapbook pages include a pilgrim and Indian sort, plus a pilgrim word book he colored and read.
We made a model Mayflower out of a potato and 
he talked Aunt Allie into making this model Mayflower with him out of Legos when she came over to babysit one evening.  
Dylan's preschool playdate this week had Thanksgiving theme.  Here he is in his cute Indian headband by his painted corn!
He had so much fun doing tons of activities.  Here he is making a turkey snack!
Turkey playdough fun!
This playdouch made my mouth water since it was scented with pumpkin pie spice!
Here are a few of the books we've been cuddling up and reading together on the couch this week.  So thankful for the time I get to spend my sweet children.

I just LOVE Thanksgiving and can't wait to spend time with family this week!  I am making two big pans of the most delicious sweet potato casserole!

(many printables in lapbook from HERE)

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