Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Differentiating Instruction

One thing I learned as much as I could on while teaching in the classroom was differentiating instruction.   It took ALOT of extra work and I couldn't do it with everything, but being being able to teach a particular topic to all levels of learning became a goal of mine to reach as many children as possible learning at all different levels.  This is the perfect knowledge to have with homeschooling.  I was able to turn alot of the preschool activities from Dylan's playdate to meet learning goals Kyler currently has.   Here's just a couple of the ways I bumped it up:
 The counting trees turned into pattern trees.
 The sensory box scavenger hunt items became hands on addition problems.
 The  leaf graph also became color coded addition problems.

We also did some pumpkin painting and pumpkin snacks this week!

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