Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Learning with Legos

My little guy LOVES Legos, so I incorporated them into a little learning unit for him!  Here are a few of the things we did:
 Letters in "LEGO" writing and tracing.
 Number and dot match ups with picturing reinforcements
 Word sort
 Word tower comparisons by letter
 Addition with circles on top of Legos.
 Forming sentences
 Adding spaces
 Making the first letter a capital letter and adding a period to the end.
  Sentence illustration
 Lego representation graph with discussion questions including most and least.
 Lego collage
 Following directions to build Lego numbers.
(available to print HERE)
We also had a fun Lego Playdate!  Details HERE!


  1. Love that you are using what he loves for learning.

  2. What a great idea! I don't have the creative mindset to come up with things like that, so I end up buying manipulatives. I LOVE the Lego block letters though! My boys would have loved those a few years ago. :)
    ~ Dawn at

  3. You have done an amazing job with this. I bet your little one looks forward to 'school'. I'll try the sentence building with my 7 year old, I;m sure he will love it.

  4. thanks! Im not a homeschooling mom - but a principal of a Christian school. I was searching for ways to make numbers with legos today and came across your blog! Great ideas. I'll share your site with my teachers.
    -God Bless!