Friday, May 13, 2011


(more notes from the conference)
 "For I am fearfully and wonderfully made" Psalm 139:14
Children are not exact replicas of their parents.  God has a plan and purpose for each of his children, who each have their own special gifts and talents.  There are different methods of learning...

Different places in the brain control different areas of learning.  We have all eight of these intelligences, but are better in some of them.  God  made us all smart in the way He desires.  God wired each of us, all intelligences are good, and criticizing would be criticizing the one who made them.  Whatever children are gifted in, bless and encourage gifts. 

Eight Intelligences:
  • Intrapersonal/Self Smart- know self, ability to be alone, not selfish(sin), but aware of own limitations and what capable of, being alone recharges, entrepreneurs, risk takers, can sit for hours
  • Interpersonal/People Smart- ability to get along with people, savvy, get it, get energized by being with people
  • Naturalist/Nature Smart- good with animals and anything outside, energized by going outside, good with observations-animal tracks, weather, become biologists, zoologists, farmers...
  • Musical-Music Smart-music moves and refreshes, devoted to instruments, don't have to be good at singing, music reinvigorates
  • Spacial- Picture Smart- good with maps and blueprints, can always find things, packs care, color/image, architects, interior design
  • Bodily-Kinesthetic/Body Smart-energized by moving body, good at movement, fine motor-brain surgeon, large motor- ballet
  • Linguistic/Word Smart- love words and reading books, crosswords and making up lyrics, play with words, seen as "smart" in school
  • Math/Logical- Number Smart- good with numbers and games, recognized as "smart" in school

Tip: Wake up the brain by crossing the median with interactive things like wind shield wipers, crossing hemispheres, or by standing up and sitting down three times.  Brain gym!

Learning Modalities are the best way to get information into the brain:
  • Visual: need to see it
  • Auditory: goes in through ears, need to hear it
  • Tactile/Kinesthetic: need to watch, touch, move

For some people, God did not wire them to sit still  to take in new information, they must move.  Let them play with a koosh ball or walk w/o disturbing, some kind of movement.  These kids will not take in new information in the sitting posture.  Let's not shut our kids down, but set them free!

God made us these ways and we need to learn to love and understand eachother.  When we are different, remember, "I am the adult, here to serve these children.  What would Jesus do?"

Learning Styles:
  • Thinkers: structured and routine
  • Feelers: people oriented- want to be with you
  • Sensory: hands on, get things done
  • Intuitor- day dreamer, imagines, spontaneous
This workshop made me think of what my children's learning styles are, along with my own.  It's so easy to teach to my learning style, but see how important it is to teach to my children's learning styles.  Kyler is very Bodily-Kinesthetic and somewhat intrapersonal, while Dylan is such a Naturalist and somewhat interpersonal.  We went on a walk tonight and Kyler wanted to ride his bike and ride ahead, leading our pack.  Dylan wanted to ride in his stroller and talked with us about the flowers and trees and dogs and birds and bunnies the entire time.  When he got out to walk, he picked up leaves and blew dandelions.  I am Math and Linguistic smart and learn visually, while I've noticed Kyler is a very auditory learner.  I have to remember to think outside my box, engaging my children and helping them learn in ways that best fit their gifts and talents.  How wonderful that I can actually teach to their learning styles. I always did these types if inventories in the classroom, helping my students figure out the best way they learn, but couldn't alot with the results with twenty students other than tech all them all.  Now I can!  I can personalize and individualize what we do, tailoring lessons to my own little learners.  Loved this workshop reminder on how children learn differently.  How amazing that God created such incredibly wonderfully, different individuals!

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