Friday, March 4, 2011

Numbers 1-10 Unit

Numbers 1-10 Unit Ideas and Inspiration:

 Dry Erase board you can find at Walmart for around $5!
 Handwriting practice

 Number Puzzle

 Number Blocks from Toys R Us

 Block Counting
 Laminated Practice

 Individual work from Scholastic

 Magnetic Letters Order
 The Ten Commandments
 Commandments in Motion

 Number Memory Match
 Mexican Train Dominoes

 Number Line Poster to refer to throughout unit.
 Numbers and counting on the calendar
 Ordering Numbers

 Linking Cubes Number Graph

Sequencing and then matching.
Number to picture then dictated creative story.
 Magnetic Number Schoolhouse
(garage sale find for a buck!)

 Number Puzzle
 Check it out!  Use the backs of puzzles to reinforce skills!
Leapster is a fairly inexpensive learning tool (lots coupons for games available) we  utilize often.  Animal Rescuer focuses on numbers.
Number Books  (We love Chicka Chicka 123!)

 Counting food!

 Making numbers in powdered sugar

 Playdough Numbers
Cutting and Counting with playdough

Transportation Unit add ons found HERE.

Alphabet and Letter Sort
Rainbow Number Writing

Number Coloring

Numbers to pictures art

Numbers dinner table discussion:  couple, few, dozen, tri,...

 Number Painting Book

Close Pin Numbers (fine moter skills!)

Magnetic Number Writing

Pretend M&M Factory play with daddy...sorting, grouping, counting with Pom Poms

 Game: War with Number Cards (flip over to see whose is bigger, then they keep the two cards.  Continue till one player has all cards or most cards at time limit set.)
 Singapore Math Workbook Page (with transparency and expo marker )

Counting Exercises

Trampoline Jump Counting and Balloon Count Tossing
Fruit Loop Racing Game with Dice
 Geometric shape counting and drawing in labeled cups

Number Scavenger Hunt:

 How I organize it all:

Online Number Games:
Fishing Mission
Bees and Honey
Counting on a Cloud
Count the Ants
Counting with Lecky
Finding Groups of Things
How Many
Same Number of Things
Big Bird's Numbers
Cookie Monster Find That Number
How Many Fish
Number Matching
Pirate Counting
What number comes next
Connect the Dots 1
Count the Dots 2
Connect the Dots 3
Number Line
Let's Count Robots
Counting Objects Graph
Count to 10 Groups
Alice the Camel Song
Numbers to 20

Counting You Tube Clips:

Math Standards Covered:  Numbers and Operations  1. Understand numbers, ways of representing numbers, relationships among numbers and number systems
-Read, write and compare numbers
-Rote count to 100 and recognize numbers up to 31
-Connect number words (orally) and quantities they represent

-Concepts of more, less than, same
-Introduction to number line
-Basic chart and graph concepts