Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Curriculum Choices for Kindergarten

After months of research, I'm excited to finally pick our curriculum choices for Kindergarten!

A Reason for Guided Reading (Thank you grandmas!!!)
TONS of Social Studies, Science, and Math Units taught through picture books
Free Language Arts Activities HERE

Handwriting Practice Sheets- printables
Morning Message -GLE Driven Mini Lesson on grammar and writing
Creative Dictation Writing
Draw Write Now- Drawing, writing, social studies, and science  
Free Language Arts Activities HERE 

Free Language Arts Activities HERE 

Singapore Math Practice - Frank Schaffer
Free Math Resources HERE

Created Units
Free Science Resources HERE

Created Units
Free SS Resources HERE

Biblical Character Training and Devotionals:
Plants Grown Up - Doorposts
Awana Bible Verses found HERE 

Unit Resources:
We'll be incorporating interest led units as well


Seasonal Team Sports with Upward and YMCA

Unit Studies Integration

Review/Reinforcement/Fill in the Holes/Seat Work/Warm Ups:
Building Thinking Skills

-Field Trips, Field Trips and more Field Trips with our homeschool friends!
-Local Co-op
-Themed Learning Playdates

~I am an eclectic teacher....we won't be doing all of the activities included in some of the resources.
~I am trying some of these resources for the first time...I am not opposed to stopping if I see they're not working for our family, but after much research and looking at sample pages, they are my top choices for now. 
~Many of these links are to the resource, but I was able to find most of them inexpensively used by utilizing our local homeschool resource library,, and homeschool used curriculum sites.  Some of them are still on my wish list...
~We're starting "Kindergarten" early.  We've been doing preschool for a couple of years and Kyler is more than ready.  I'm excited to let Kyler advance naturally in his stronger subjects.

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