Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I just love all the free units available all over the web.  So thankful to other homeschooling moms who share their hard work online.  We take breaks from our regular curriculum and dive into fun units!  Kyler just loved this robot themed day:
 I set up little stations around our table.  I have no doubt these eight stations would take me an entire day to do in the classroom setting.  It took us an hour... max.
 Handwriting warm ups.
 Color words
Robot number puzzle

 Robot close pin counting
 Robot color graphing
 Nuts and bolts (adding in fine motor OT activities)
 Letter R practice with a picture and dictated sentence.
 Robot creations for arts and crafts.   I gave Kyler a basket of supplies and told him to use whatever he wanted to make a robot.  He loved making a little robot army.
We ended our day with a fun movie night....Wall-E!

I love taking a break from our routine for fun days like this, just like I did in the classroom.  Many different subjects were reviewed in a fun way and Ky loved it too!

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