Monday, January 24, 2011

Our Philosophy on Homeschooling

We take the Eclectic approach to homeschooling in that we pick and choose from a variety of resources, utilizing what we know about each of our child's learning styles and unique personalities.  We supplement from many different programs, creating a curriculum perfect for our family.  Our goal is to combine the best ideas we have found that work for our family, educating our children in a variety of different ways. We implement our Christian faith in our day to day activities and lessons.  At times, we do unit studies based upon interest, integrating information from across the subject areas, which creates a true and meaningful understanding from a unifying theme.   We utilize library books, text books, websites, worksheets, manipulatives, discussion, repetition, learning games, deep thinking skills, projects, and any resource or activity that aids in developing an understanding of any given subject.  We enrich with field trips, experiencing the world and people as learning can take place in many places, taking advantage of real life experiences for learning.   We integrate technology often, creating experiences that are exciting  and engaging as learning from all over the world takes place in our home.  We encourage health, art, and creativity and provide opportunities for our children to socialize with different age groups with many activities, including organized playgroups and co-ops.  We allow freedom in experiences for our children to learn independently, yet also provide structured one on one learning time with many multi-sensory learning opportunities.  We engage and converse daily about character education and how to live according to the bible, glorifying God in everything we do.  We are flexible enough to allow for investigative and teachable moments, but also follow a scheduled guideline for the day, giving our children reachable goals.   We want our children to love to learn and become self learners.  We value family and the time we have together, ending each evening with family devotional time.  We want our children to have a strong sense of God's reality on all aspects of their education.

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