Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Library Resource Links

Web Links

A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling for Missouri
A to Z Homeschooling links specific to Missouri homeschooling groups and resources
Families for Home Education, Region 6
Grass roots organization advocating home education and supporting home educators in Missouri.
Homeschool Central
Information about home schooling and resources are located here
Homeschool Fellowship of the Ozarks
You can subscribe to this local newsletter and get information about upcoming events, support andinformation groups, and links.
Homeschooler Information Network
Home schooling resources, listserv, fun and activities can be found on this site.
Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education - Homeschooling
Missouri State Goverment site on Homeschooling
S.A.C. (Springfield Area Curriculum) Lending Library
"The SAC Library exists to make curriculum available to any family who wants to homeschool"
SHEM Southwest Home Education Ministry
Southwest Missouri Homeschooling organization
Web Links
Home Education Magazine
Homeschooling Today
The Home Reporter
The Homeschool Fellowship of the Ozarks Newsletter

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