Wednesday, September 15, 2010

" I Love Letters" by Jean Feldman

Good ideas from book:

Make labels of objects around house
Daily scehdule sign with pictures
Morning Message
Trifold- Pictures, letters, and words from...magazines,
Highlight letters/words in newspaper
Alphabet Quilt
Lettercise- A(hands in air) /a/ hands on waist, ant (touch the ground)
Rainbow Writing- trace letters with diff colors
Scratch and Sniff Letters- glue, koolaid/jello, scratch and sniff
Water Paint Letters
Letter Beads on Pipecleaner
Magnetic letters on cookie sheet
Boom- Letters on cards, yell boom when get to boom card, and letters on others
Stretch match- stretch rubber band to match upper/lower case letters in notches down sides
Paper Plate Puzzle- cut in thirds- uppercase, lowercase, and pic
Sort Letters- 8 of each letter into same groups, into strait lines/curvy
Letter in sock- guess letter by feeling
Flashlight- make letters on ceiling or shine on premade letters on ceiling
Letter Rhymes- copied
Flip Book- upper/lower, words/pics
Flap Book- Seasons, numbers, colors
Accordion Book- Numbers, sequence, letters- front and back
Housebook- Address
Letter Limericks- copied
Baggie Book- draw/write on paper and place inside baggies, tape/stape zipper-goes in tub

Alphabet Farm Song:
(name) had an alpahbet
He loved letters
And on his farm there was an A
And it would always go
/a/ /a/ here
And a /a/ /a/ there
Here an /a/, there an /a/
Everywhere an /a/ /a/
(name) had an A
He loved letters so.

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