Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ideas for Teaching Letters

Online Letter Resources:

trace/draw with finger, paint, marker, crayon, color pencil, pencil, create in shaving cream, flour, sand, pudding
expo markers/boards
make with play dough, string, toothpicks, pipe cleaners
trace over sheet behind
worksheet/composition book

ongoing list of words displayed
ABC book, with magazine picture and/or letter cut outs
ABC Popsicle sticks- games
sing song-freeze on letter/pop up
magnetic letters on cookie sheet
matching games
eat snacks
scrabble tiles- games
read- pointing out
letter hunt on page
letter-sound scavenger hunt
highlight letter on page
puzzles- store or cut up
chart- stickers on letters mastered
glue down shape of letter- cereal, stickers, buttons, pom, poms
alphabet bingo

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